Vermilion Peak

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Vermilion Peak
Vermilion Peak is located in Colorado
Vermilion Peak
Vermilion Peak
Location in Colorado
Highest point
Elevation13,900 ft (4237 m) [1] NAVD88
Prominence2105 ft (642 m) [1]
Isolation9.07 mi (14.60 km) [1]
Parent peakGladstone Peak[1]
Coordinates37°47′57″N 107°49′42″W / 37.7991623°N 107.8283984°W / 37.7991623; -107.8283984Coordinates: 37°47′57″N 107°49′42″W / 37.7991623°N 107.8283984°W / 37.7991623; -107.8283984[2]
LocationSan Miguel County and the high point of San Juan County, Colorado, United States[1]
Parent rangeSan Juan Mountains[1]
Topo mapUSGS 7.5' topographic map
Ophir, Colorado[2]

Vermilion Peak is a mountain in Colorado. It is one of 637 Colorado peaks above 13,000 feet (3962 m). It is located in the San Juan Range, and is the 74th highest mountain in Colorado. It is named Vermilion Peak because of the red-orange color it takes on when the sun shines on it.[3] It is 9.7 miles ESE of Gladstone Peak.[1]

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