Vermilion Provincial Park

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Vermilion Provincial Park
IUCN category VI (protected area with sustainable use of natural resources)
Map showing the location of Vermilion Provincial Park
Map showing the location of Vermilion Provincial Park
Location of Vermilion Provincial Park in Canada
Location County of Vermilion River, Alberta, Canada
Nearest city Vermilion
Coordinates 53°22′07″N 110°54′34″W / 53.36861°N 110.90944°W / 53.36861; -110.90944Coordinates: 53°22′07″N 110°54′34″W / 53.36861°N 110.90944°W / 53.36861; -110.90944
Area 7.50 km2 (2.90 sq mi)
Established May 29, 1953
Governing body Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation,
MV Camp Operations

Vermilion Provincial Park is a provincial park located in east-central Alberta, Canada, in the County of Vermilion River. It is located on the outskirts of the town of Vermilion which is at the junction of Highways 16 (Yellowhead) and 41 (Buffalo Trail), between Edmonton and Lloydminster.


The park was first constructed in the early 1950s, and opened to the public on May 29, 1953. One of the key features of the park is that the Vermilion River was dammed to create an artificial lake (the 6.3 km long Vermilion Park Lake).


The environmental setting includes aspen parkland and prairie grassland biomes, with wildlife such as white-tailed deer, red fox, Franklin's ground squirrels, porcupines, ruffed grouse, harriers, red-tailed hawks, short-eared owls, Canada geese, great blue herons, American bitterns, common ducks, mink, muskrats, beavers, coyotes, Sprague's pipits and savannah and vesper sparrows.[1]

The Vermilion River fish population consists of northern pike, fathead minnow, lake chub, brook stickleback (Culaea inconstans), longnose dace and white sucker.


The park is open year-round, but is only staffed during the summer (from May 15 to September 15).

There are also a number of trails for cross-country skiing in winter, and horseback riding and hiking during summer. 5 km of paved paths can be used for rollerblading and biking. Named trails in the park include Wild Rose Trail, Cathedral Trail, Fescue Trail, and Lakeside Trail.

Fishing is allowed in the Vermilion Park lake, with a designated pond for trout fishing and amenities for ice fishing.

Water based activities include canoeing, kayaking and sailing.

A year-round campground with all amenities is located in Vermilion, and overnight camping is permitted at the CN Station and three other campgrounds. Several additional day use areas (one featuring a baseball diamond) are found in the park.[2] A golf course is found in Vermilion, and a mini golf course is within the park limits.

The old CNR station has been relocated to the park as well an old CNR caboose on display near the station.


Beckie Scott, a cross country skier who won medals at both the 2002 and 2006 Winter Olympic Games, skied on these trails in her early years.[3]

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