Libertarian Party of Vermont

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Libertarian Party of Vermont
Chairman Jeremy Ryan
Founded 1971
Headquarters Burlington, Vermont
Ideology Libertarianism, Classical liberalism
National affiliation Libertarian Party
Colors Yellow
Seats in the Senate
0 / 2
Seats in the House
0 / 1
Statewide Offices
0 / 6
Seats in the State Senate
0 / 30
Seats in the State House
0 / 150
0 / 8
Seats on the Burlington City Council
0 / 12
Other elected offices 2 (2017)

The Libertarian Party of Vermont is the Vermont affiliate of the Libertarian Party. The state chair is Jeremy Ryan.

The party ran two candidates in the 2016 elections for Vermont House, as well as other candidates for local elected offices.[1]

In 1998, Neil Randall was elected to the Vermont House of Representatives as a Libertarian, representing Orange County's 3rd district.[2]

The Libertarian Party is the 5th largest in Vermont after the Democratic, Republican, Progressive, and Liberty Union Parties.[3]


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