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State Treasurer of Vermont
Seal of the State Treasurer of Vermont.svg
Seal of the State Treasurer of Vermont
Beth Pearce

since January 6, 2011
Style The Honorable
Term length Two years, no term limit
Inaugural holder Ira Allen
Formation Constitution of Vermont
Website State Treasurer's Office

The State Treasurer's Office is responsible for several administrative and service duties, in accordance with Vermont Statutes. These include: investing state funds; issuing state bonds; serving as the central bank for state agencies; managing the state’s cash balances, check processing and reconciliation; safeguarding and returning unclaimed or abandoned financial property; and administering three major pension plans for public employees.[1] The treasurer is elected to two year terms as are all Vermont's constitutional state office holders.

The incumbent is Beth Pearce, who was appointed to the office in January, 2011 when Jeb Spaulding resigned to become Secretary of Administration in the cabinet of Governor Peter Shumlin, and has been subsequently elected. Pearce had been Spaulding's deputy.[2][3]

List of Vermont State Treasurers (1778–present)[edit]

Name Term of Office Political Party
Ira Allen 1778–1786 No party affiliation
Samuel Mattocks 1786–1800 No party affiliation
Benjamin Swan 1800–1833 Federalist, Independent
Augustine Clarke 1833–1837 Anti-Masonic
Allen Wardner 1837–1838 Whig
Henry Fisk Janes 1838–1841 Whig
John Spaulding 1841–1846 Whig
Elisha P. Jewett 1846–1847 Whig
George Howes 1847–1853 Whig
John A. Page 1853–1854 Democratic
Henry M. Bates 1854–1860 Republican
John B. Page 1860–1866 Republican
John A. Page 1866–1882 Republican
William H. Dubois 1882–1890 Republican
Henry F. Field 1890–1898 Republican
John L. Bacon 1898–1906 Republican
Edward H. Deavitt 1906–1915 Republican
Walter F. Scott 1915–1923 Republican
Thomas H. Cave 1923–1943 Republican
Levi R. Kelley 1943–1949 Republican
George H. Amidon 1949–1965 Republican
Peter J. Hincks 1965–1968 Democratic
Madelyn Davidson 1968–1969 Democratic
Frank H. Davis 1969–1975 Republican
Stella B. Hackel 1975–1977 Democratic
Emory A. Hebard 1977–1989 Republican
Paul W. Ruse Jr. 1989–1995 Democratic
James H. Douglas 1995–2003 Republican
George B. "Jeb" Spaulding 2003–2011 Democratic
Beth Pearce 2011–present[4][5] Democratic


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