Vern Rumsey

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Rumsey performing with Long Hind Legs

Vern Rumsey was the bass guitar player for the band Unwound.[1] He generally played a Fender Jazz bass.[1] He is also a recording engineer who has worked with bands such as Blonde Redhead, KARP, Enemymine, Novex and Replicator.

Rumsey played bass guitar on the Blonde Redhead record Fake Can Be Just as Good,[2] and co-ran the label Punk in My Vitamins [1] with his bandmates[1] Justin Trosper and Sara Lund.

He was also in the bands Long Hind Legs,[1] Oslo,[3] Fitz of Depression,[4] and Witchypoo[4] and (in 2009) was playing in the band Flora v. Fauna.[5]

He has been variously credited as Doombuggy, Red Rumsey, RedRumsey, Rumsey, Vern and Vernon Rumsey.[4]