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Verna Allee
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Verna Allee (born 1949 in Kansas,[1] United States) is an American business consultant and writer on topics including value networks, knowledge management, organizational intelligence, intellectual capital and the value conversion of intangibles.

Allee holds a B.A. in Social Science, and an M.A. in Human Consciousness, specializing in Organizational Leadership.

Verna Allee has authored or co-authored three books on value networks and organizational knowledge. Her book The Knowledge Evolution: Expanding Organizational Intelligence offers a road map for understanding knowledge creation, learning, and performance in everyday work. The book The Future of Knowledge: Increasing Prosperity through Value Networks is about how the networked organization can be understood at a practical everyday level.

Allee is CEO of Value Networks LLC. She lives in Martinez, California, USA.


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  • 2003/4: What is True Wealth & How Do We Create It? Verna Allee and Dinesh Chandra, eds. New Delhi: Indigo Press. ISBN 81-85160-04-X.


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