Vernadskii Ridge

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Vernadskii Ridge
Vernadskii Ridge is located in Far Eastern Federal District
Vernadskii Ridge
Vernadskii Ridge
Vernadskii Ridge in Russian Far East
Highest point
Elevation1,183 m (3,881 ft)
Coordinates50°33′N 155°58′E / 50.55°N 155.97°E / 50.55; 155.97
LocationParamushir, Kuril Islands, Russia
Mountain typeVolcanic group of Cinder cones
Last eruptionUnknown

Vernadskii Ridge (Russian: Хребет Вернадского) is a volcanic group located in the northern part of Paramushir Island, Kuril Islands, Russia.

It is named after Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky.

The Vernadskii Ridge together with Ebeko is one of the volcanoes on Paramushir that have erupted after the last glacial age, and both of them form one of Paramushir's volcanic ridges;[1] during the last ice age glaciers from the Vernadskii Ridge merged the island with Shumshu island.[2] A hydrothermal system is associated with the Vernadskii Ridge, which has temperatures of 180–260 °C (356–500 °F). Metasomatic alteration of country rock has taken place.[3]

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