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Veronica Freeman aka The V
Born December 17, 1977
Origin San Diego, California
Genres Heavy metal
Power metal
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2005-present
Labels Frontiers Records
Associated acts Benedictum

Veronica Freeman aka The V (born December 17, 1977 in San Diego, California) is the lead vocalist of the American heavy metal band Benedictum. Her most recent album with Benedictum is Obey, released through Frontiers Records in 2013.[1] On July 10, 2015 (July 3, in Europe), Frontiers Records will release Freeman's debut solo album, Now or Never, which includes two songs written and produced by Stryper frontman, Michael Sweet.


When she was introduced to metal she felt in love with the power and the energy of it and was encouraged to try singing by her longtime friend Craig Goldy. Freeman and Pete Wells became close friends and she has said that there is something about his playing that inspires her to this day. They started writing together and were in a few bands together, including Medusa and the Malady.[2] They felt that after playing quite a few local shows in San Diego that it was time to move forward and see what they could do musically on a new level and that is when they embarked on the project that is now Benedictum. With some help from Craig they were introduced to Jeff Pilson and things really started to turn around from there. Freeman got married in 2007.

In July, 2015, Freeman as The V, will release her debut solo album, Now or Never, which features numerous guest appearances including Michael Sweet as writer and producer on the tracks, "Again" and "Love Should Be to Blame"; Tony Martin[disambiguation needed] as vocalist on "King For a Day", and Chastain vocalist, Leather Leone on "Kiss My Lips".


Her influences are from Ronnie James Dio, Tina Turner, Melissa Etheridge, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan to Freddie Mercury[3]


With Benedictum

As The V

Albums (guest sessions)[edit]

Grave Digger

A Sound of Thunder


  • Machine Hell (2010)



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