Veronica Ljosnes

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Veronica Ljosnes
Born (1997-11-08) November 8, 1997 (age 19)
Oslo, Norway
Occupation Entertainer
Employer Cirkus Agora

Mako Veronica Ljosnes (born in Oslo, Norway, November 20, 1997), is a Norwegian circus performer, currently working as an entertainer in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ljosnes has worked in circuses all over Europe since she was a child, known as the circus artist from Norway, performing in Cirkus Agora as an aerialist and contortionist.[1][2][3] She is known from the TV program America's Got Talent and several big events and concerts, as well as from the TV program Norway's Got Talent Miss Norway contest. Ljosnes also performed for the King and the Queen of Norway.

Ljosnes moved to Hollywood, got a part[citation needed] in the movie The Cloth, and is a model and actress while still performing as a contortionist.


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