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Comic publisher
Industry Publishing
Founded 1994
Founder Glenn Danzig
Products Comic books

Verotik is a mature-themed comic book company founded in August 1994 by heavy metal/horror punk musician Glenn Danzig[1] (vocalist for bands The Misfits, Samhain and Danzig). The comics are aimed toward adult readers as they often contain imagery of a sexual and/or violent nature. 'Verotik' is a portmanteau created by Glenn Danzig from the words 'violent' and 'erotic'.[2]

Since childhood, Glenn Danzig had been an avid comic book collector with frustrated aspirations of being a comic book writer and artist. His fascination with horror is expressed through his music and comic books.

The Verotik title Grub Girl was developed into a pornographic movie in 2006, starring Brittney Skye and Eva Angelina.[3] The movie was directed by Craven Moorehead,[3] who would later go on to direct Danzig's music video for "Crawl Across Your Killing Floor". The soundtrack features a remix of the Danzig song "Unspeakable".[3] Glenn Danzig is working on a movie adaptation of the Verotik title Ge Rouge, which he will also direct.[4]

List of titles[edit]

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