Verrall v Great Yarmouth BC

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Verrall v Great Yarmouth BC
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Court Court of Appeal
Citation(s) [1981] QB 202
Licence, specific performance

Verrall v Great Yarmouth BC [1981] QB 202 is an English land law case, concerning licences in land.


Great Yarmouth Borough Council promised to rent out the Wellington Pier Pavilion in April 1979 to the National Front for its two-day national conference in October. Then Labour won the council in May and attempted to revoke the NF’s licence. Mr Verrall sued on his own behalf and for the NF members for performance of the contract.


Lord Denning MR held that the contract had to be upheld, and was specifically enforceable. Since the case of Winter Garden Theatre Ltd v Millennium Ltd[1] he said, ‘it is clear that once a man has entered under his contract of licence, he cannot be turned out. An injunction can be obtained against the licensor to prevent his being turned out.’[2]

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