Verride Palace

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Verride Palace
Palace of Santa Catarina
Native name
Portuguese: Palácio de Verride
Palácio de Santa Catarina
Palácio de Santa Catarina- Palácio Verride1977.JPG
Verride Palace
LocationLisbon, Portugal

Verride Palace, or the Palace of Santa Catarina, (Portuguese: Palácio de Verride; Palácio de Santa Catarina) is an 18th-century Portuguese palace located in Lisbon, Portugal.


Located in the Santa Catarina parish in Lisbon, the palace was built in the 18th century.

In 2003, the palace was acquired for its architecture.

In 2010, the palace became the seat of POP UP LISBOA 2010, an urban artistic movement.

In December 2017, the former palace made its debut as a newly-restored, ultra-chic, 19-room boutique hotel called Verride Palacio de Santa Catarina, in which there's a rooftop bar and gastropub overlooking the Tagus, a swimming pool and a restaurant, Criatura.