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Industry Consumer Goods
Founded 1978
Headquarters Milan, Italy
Key people
Gianni Versace, Founder
Santo Versace, Chairman & President[1]
Gian Giacomo Ferraris, Director & CEO[1]
Donatella Versace, Artistic Director
Products Textiles, Apparel
  • IncreaseEU€479.2 million (2013)[2]
  • EU€408.7 million (2012)[2]
Number of employees

Gianni Versace S.p.A. (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒanni verˈsaːtʃe]), usually referred to as Versace, is an Italian fashion company and trade name founded by Gianni Versace in 1978.

History and operations[edit]

The first Versace boutique was opened in Milan's Via della Spiga in 1978.[3][4] In 1994, the brand gained widespread international coverage due to the "Black Versace dress of Elizabeth Hurley", referred to at the time as "that dress".[5][6][7]

After the death of Gianni Versace in 1997 his sister Donatella Versace, formerly vice-president, took over as creative director and his older brother Santo Versace became CEO.[8] Donatella's daughter Allegra Versace was left a 50 percent stake in the company, which she assumed control of on her eighteenth birthday.[9][10][11]

In 2000, the "green Versace dress" worn by Jennifer Lopez at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards gained a lot of media attention, being voted as the "fifth most iconic dress of all time" in 2008, with Hurley's 1994 dress being voted first in a Daily Telegraph poll.[7]

The company's profits were in decline in the early 2000s;[9][12] Fabio Massimo Cacciatori was hired as interim CEO to reorganise and restructure the Versace Group in 2003.[13] Cacciatori resigned in December 2003 due to "disputes with the Versace family".[13] From 2004 Giancarlo di Risio, from IT Holding, was CEO of the group until his resignation in 2009 due to disagreements with Donatella.[14][15][16] Since July 2009, Gian Giacomo Ferraris, previously of Jil Sander, has operated as CEO for the group.[17]

In February 2014 The Blackstone Group purchased a 20 percent stake in Versace for 210 million.[18][19][20]

As of August 2013, more than 80 boutiques operate worldwide; the first boutique outside of Italy was opened in Glasgow, Scotland in 1991.[21]

The Versace boutique in Milan, Italy
5th Avenue, NYC, 2013

Palazzo Versace[edit]

Soheil Abedian, of the Sunland Group, approached Versace in 1997 and successfully proposed a luxury hotel built upon the Versace brand; the first Palazzo Versace opened on Australia's Gold Coast on 15 September 2000.[22][23] The hotel was sold to a Chinese consortium in December 2012.[24][25] Two further Palazzos are under construction, the Palazzo Versace Dubai; which is expected to be completed in late 2014;[26] and the Palazzo Versace Macau which was announced in 2013 and will be built in partnership with Macau's largest casino operator SJM Holdings.[27][28][29]


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