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Versatile Service Engine is a second generation IP Multimedia Subsystem developed by Nortel Networks that is compliant with ATCA specifications. Nortel's VSE provides capability to telecommunication service provider to offer GSM and CDMA services in both wireline and wireless mode.


The Versatile service engine is a joint effort of Nortel and Motorola.The aim of collaboration was to develop an ATCA compliant platform for Nortel IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) applications.Nortel joined the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group in 2002 and the work on VSE was started in 2004.[1]


A single versatile Service Engine frame consists of three shelves, each shelf having three slots A single slot can have many sub-slots staging a blade in it. ATCA blades can be processors, Switches, AMC carriers, etc. A typical shelf will contain one or more switch blades and several processor blades.The power supply and cooling fans are located in the backpane of the VSE.

Ericsson ownership[edit]

After Nortel Networks filed for bankruptcy protection in January 2009,[2] Ericsson telecommunications then acquired the CDMA and LTE based assets of then Canada's largest telecom equipment maker, hence taking the ownership of Versatile service engine.[3]


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