Versova, Mumbai

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Versova beach
Versova beach
Versova is located in Mumbai
Location in Mumbai, India
Coordinates: 19°07′N 72°49′E / 19.12°N 72.82°E / 19.12; 72.82Coordinates: 19°07′N 72°49′E / 19.12°N 72.82°E / 19.12; 72.82
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Mumbai Suburban
Metro Mumbai
 • Official Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Versova is an upmarket neighbourhood in the north western Mumbai. It is known for its beach and the Versova Fort. It was part of Portuguese India, which was part of the Portuguese Empire, until 1739, when the Portuguese lost this part of their empire to the Maratha Empire.[1]


Versova is originally a small fishing village of the Kolis, situated to the north of the old Mumbai city.[2]

Britishers used to call this vis-a-vis and locals gave it the name Vesave.

The original name of the village is "Vesave", which derives from the Marathi word for "rest" (as in resting place). In 1694, a fleet of Arabs from Muscat landed in Versova and massacred every person they could find in the village.[2] The village is mentioned in the writings of Gemelli Careri in 1695.

Versova came under the Portuguese rule in the medieval period. The Portuguese constructed the Our Lady of Health Church in Versova, and a number of Kolis converted to Christianity during this period. By 1720, it had emerged as a small town, with a small fort and a growing trade in dry fish. In 1739, the Portuguese lost the area to the Marathas, who strengthened the fort. A British force led by Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Keating defeated the Marathas in 1774.[2]

In 1800, the British established a training facility for artillery and engineering cadets. However, the facility was moved to the old Bombay city after a fever epidemic affected nearly all the cadets, and killed many of them. The military establishment was completely removed in 1818.[2] In 1875-86, the exports from the trade amounted to GB£34,403 and the imports in 1876-77 were worth GB£14,784.[2]

Versova beach[edit]

The Versova beach faces the Arabian Sea. A large population of Mumbai's fishing community, the Kolis, reside at one end of Versova beach.[citation needed] Fishing is the main industry in this area.

Unlike the Marine Drive, which is guarded by tetrapods, Versova beach uses massive rocks to buffer the buildings from the waves. During high tide, the entire beach goes under water, hence there are no permanent structures on the beach, nor any legal inhabitants.

Over the past few years, there have been attempts by local citizens and the BMC to improve the condition of the beach. The Save Versova Beach Association was formed for the purpose, but the beach still lacks basic facilities such as lifeguards, which are critical considering the treacherous waters.

The Versova beach has one section known as the Rock Beach, which is north of versova beach. It is highly frequented by people of all age groups. A very clean beach and a great place to see the sun set.

Recently, the UNEP led a program to clean plastic litter, and over 43 weeks removed more than 2 million kilograms.

Versova Mangroves[edit]

The shores of the Versova creek area is surrounded by flourished Mangroves which supports different kinds of organisms especially Molluscs, Crabs and fishes[3].

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