Verwall Alps

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Verwall Alps
Hoher Riffler Verwall von Norden.jpg
Hoher Riffler
Highest point
PeakHoher Riffler
Elevation3,168 m (10,394 ft)
Coordinates47°6′58″N 10°22′16″E / 47.11611°N 10.37111°E / 47.11611; 10.37111Coordinates: 47°6′58″N 10°22′16″E / 47.11611°N 10.37111°E / 47.11611; 10.37111
StatesVorarlberg and Tyrol (state)
Parent rangeCentral Eastern Alps
Borders onSamnaun Alps, Silvretta and Rätikon

The Verwall Alps or Verwall Group[1] are a mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps at the border of the Austrian states of Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

It includes the following peaks (sorted by height):

For a list of passes, see Passes of the Silvretta and Rätikon Ranges


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