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Verwaltung (English: Administration) in the narrow context of National Socialism was an instrument important to National Socialism for carrying out the political goals of the regime. The National Socialists centralized the administrative structure taken over from the Weimar Republic by "synchronization". In particular, the state (Land) administrations, which had been independent until that time, became part of a unified Reich Authority. Besides the governmental administrative organs, the NSDAP offices had administrative authority in many spheres, although the competence of these agencies was not always clearly defined. Traditional administration greatly expanded in two areas: (1) organization of the economy in the National Socialist spirit, especially to facilitate the preparation for and conduct of war; and (2) combating political enemies of the system, notably by instituting the Gestapo, the SD, and the Reich Security Main Office. Between 1933 and 1945 the administration was not subject to any control by an independent judiciary. Administrative jurisdiction continued to exist in principle, but its competence had been strongly curtailed, and in all political questions it conformed to the regime's expectations.


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