Very-high-density cable interconnect

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A VHDCI connector.

A very-high-density cable interconnect (VHDCI) is a 68-pin connector that was introduced in the SPI-3 document of SCSI-3. The VHDCI connector is a very small connector that allows placement of four wide SCSI connectors on the back of a single PCI card slot. Physically, it looks like a miniature Centronics type connector. It uses the regular 68-contact pin assignment.

VHDCI cables have also been used by NVidia as an external PCI Express 8-lane interconnect, and used in Quadro Plex VCS.

ATI Technologies is now using VHDCI connectors on the FireMV 2400 to convey two DVI and two VGA signals on a single connector, and ganging two of these connectors side-by-side in order to allow the FireMV 2400 to be a low-profile quad display card.

Juniper Networks uses VHDCI connectors for their 12- and 48-port 100Base-TX PICs (physical interface cards). The cable connects to the VHDCI connector on the PIC on one end, via an RJ-21 connector on the other end, to an RJ-45 patch panel.

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