Very (lunar crater)

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Very crater 4086 h1.jpg
Coordinates 25°36′N 25°18′E / 25.6°N 25.3°E / 25.6; 25.3Coordinates: 25°36′N 25°18′E / 25.6°N 25.3°E / 25.6; 25.3
Diameter 5 km
Depth 1.0 km
Colongitude 335° at sunrise
Eponym Frank W. Very
Oblique Apollo 17 image
Another Apollo 17 image

Very is a small lunar crater located in the eastern part of Mare Serenitatis, to the west-southwest of Le Monnier. It lies upon a wrinkle ridge that runs to the north and south named Dorsa Smirnov. The crater was previously known as Le Monnier B, a satellite crater of Le Monnier, before being renamed by the IAU in 1973.[1]


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