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The "VIP Hall" (formerly the Imperial Pavilion) at the main train station in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

A very important person or personage[1] (VIP or V.I.P.) is a person who is accorded special privileges due to their high social status, influence or importance.[2][3] The term was not common until sometime after World War 2 by RAF pilots.[1][additional citation(s) needed]

Examples include celebrities, heads of state or heads of government, other politicians, major employers, high rollers, high-level corporate officers, bankers, economists, physicians, clergy, military personnel, Crime bosses, wealthy individuals, or any other socially notable person who receives special treatment for any reason.[3][4][additional citation(s) needed] The special treatment usually involves separation from common people, and a higher level of comfort or service.[5]

In some cases, such as with tickets, VIP may be used as a title in a similar way to premium or exclusive. Usually, VIP tickets can be purchased by anyone, but still meaning separation from other customers, own security checks etc.[citation needed]

Sometimes, the term very very important person (VVIP or V.V.I.P.) is also used,[6] especially with reference to VIPs with very high rank or spending power.[7] It is used especially when anyone can buy VIP treatment, to distinguish people with especially high requirements.[8]


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