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Cover art
Verytex cover art
Developer(s) OperaHouse
Publisher(s) Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc
Designer(s) Hitoshi Sakimoto
Composer(s) Hitoshi Sakimoto
Masaharu Iwata
Yoshio Furukawa
Platform(s) Sega Mega Drive
Release date(s)
  • JP April 5, 1991
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single-player

Verytex (ヴェリテックス?) is a vertical scrolling shooting game for Sega's Mega Drive console. Players controlled the Verytex, a futuristic spaceship, on its journey to protect mankind from waves of enemies in six different levels.


Taking place in the future, humanity has finally developed the technology to advance from Earth and maintain numerous colonies. Various planets were discovered and colonized by man, but none of them had established any extraterrestrial existence prior to colonization. The most prosperous planet colony had been set on the planet Syracuse where human technology (and apparently linguistics) flourished. However, a distress call came from Syracuse claiming that the flagship of its military, the Aphrodite, initiated a violent rebellion against the people and its passengers refused to make any demands or reason. The player is sent from headquarters in the middle of space to planet Syracuse in the Verytex star fighter to stop the battle and find its true cause.


Verytex has an easy to learn weapon system with three weapons and three power-up levels for each, shield pick-up icons and the option to shift the ship's speed to three levels. Players had to fight seemingly robotic enemies through six long levels and face a boss at the end of each one with the occasional mini-boss between. Verytex was one of many Shoot em' Ups with a checkpoint system involved; it is often criticized for having long, almost two minute stretches in levels, fighting the same waves of enemies again with little difference in attack patterns. Often these sections are longer than the rest of the level. They lead up into the boss, and when you lose a life against the boss, you must restart the two minute section over again. Verytex also had a limited number of lives for the player to use with no Extend bonuses, but a Continue option was available on the Main Menu.

Among the pick-up icons, the player had a choice of three weapons, a side-weapon and a shield. The ship's default weapon is the Normal Shot, a basic straight-firing Vulcan weapon that spread-out in five directions with part of the spread coming from behind the ship. There is also the Beam Shot which doubles in shot-count and grows in size once upgraded and the Boomerang Shot, a Wave type weapon that fires from the side of the ship once fully upgraded.

Levels and bosses[edit]

Act 1: Space – Launching from the Spacecraft Carrier Minerva, the Verytex makes its way to planet Syracuse. On the way, it encounters the wreckage of a nearby sub-space station hoarded by enemies, indicating that the rebellion has all ready spread.

Boss: Bal a Versailles – A large war machine armed with crushing arms, large beam shots and reflective laser rings.

Act 2: Border Region – An area of Syracuse that had not yet been developed by the colonists. The influence of the rebel army has spread to this area still being worked on.

Boss: Hell Ant – An insect-shaped attack ship armed with homing lasers, large beam shots and homing kamikaze robots.

Act 3: Flooded City – Just as it was feared, the rebel army broke a dam during the attack and submerged an entire city up to its tallest buildings. While the Aphrodite is nowhere in sight, the rebel army responsible for the damage are in control of the flooded city.

Boss: Nikolai choppers – Two well-armored futuristic helicopters that use a rotating attack pattern, both are armed with tracking area-effect shots.

Act 4: Planetary Orbit – After the city is reclaimed, the investigation team starts analyzing the orbital satellite data. Images are sent to the Verytex of an explosion erupting beyond the asteroid belt and from there an alien squadron of about twenty-six fighters approaches. The small unknown squadron quickly makes itself a hostile threat by not only joining the remaining rebel forces, but by attacking the asteroid installations of Syracuse's planetary ring as they fly towards the surface.

Boss: Heavy Bird: The command unit and flagship of the unknown enemy forces, the ship is armed with two separable crushing wings, a large spread shot and a swirling Fire Chain-like attack.

Act 5: Inner Lining of Syracuse – A deep underground area that, despite being undeveloped by the colonists, is aligned with artificial lights along the ground. This is where battleship Aphrodite has been hiding since Verytex arrived and it finally shows itself with the minimal remains of the rebel army. However, the battleship appears to have been severely damaged by an unknown force...

Boss: Golem – A giant robot armed with countless homing missiles and a laser sword.

Act 6: Within Syracuse – Flying deeper into the planet, the Verytex finds the tiny remnants of the rebel army hidden inside a planet-wide trail of enormous bodily organs: large and small intestines and rib cages as well as inorganic, blue capsules embedded in the flesh and alien organisms lead to the trail's core source – the culprit behind the supposed rebellion.

Boss: Octodekuchya

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