Veselin Beshevliev

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Veselin Beshevliev
Born(1900-03-25)25 March 1900
DiedMarch 1992 (aged 91–92)

Veselin Ivanov Beshevliev (Bulgarian: Веселин Иванов Бешевлиев) (25 March 1900 – c. 1992) was a Bulgarian historian and philologist. He was a correspondent member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences from 1941 to his death. He was the author of Old Bulgarian Inscriptions.

He studied history and Slavic philology in the Sofia University (1919-1920) and classical philology in Germany - Halle, Jena and Würzburg (1920-1925) where he took doctorate. He became teaching assistant (1925-1929), docent (1929-1933) and professor in Classical philology in the Sofia University. He was awarded the Herder Prize in 1972.

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