Vesicointestinal fistula

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Vesicointestinal fistula
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Specialty urology
ICD-10 N32.1
ICD-9-CM 596.1
eMedicine med/2867 article/442000

A vesicointestinal fistula (or intestinovesical fistula) is a form of fistula between the bladder and the bowel.


A fistula involving the bladder can have one of many specific names, describing the specific location of its outlet:

  • Bladder and intestine: "vesicoenteric", "enterovesical", or "vesicointestinal"[1][2][3]
  • Bladder and colon: "vesicocolic" or "colovesical"[4]
  • Bladder and rectum: "vesicorectal" or "rectovesical"[5]


Many causes exist including:[6]

  • diverticulitis : most common ~ 60%
  • colorectal cancer (CRC) : ~ 20%
  • Crohn's disease : ~ 10%
  • radiotherapy
  • appendicitis
  • trauma


If fecal matter passes through the fistula into the bladder, the existence of the fistula may be revealed by pneumaturia or fecaluria.


Various modalities of diagnosis are available:

A definite algorithm of tests is followed for making the diagnosis.[9]

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