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Veslesmeden is the right summit of the frontmost ridge. Seen from Rondeslottet. Storsmeden to the left and Trolltinden in the back.
Highest point
Elevation 2,015 m (6,611 ft)
Prominence 200 m (660 ft) [1]
Coordinates 61°55′4″N 9°45′26″E / 61.91778°N 9.75722°E / 61.91778; 9.75722Coordinates: 61°55′4″N 9°45′26″E / 61.91778°N 9.75722°E / 61.91778; 9.75722
Location Dovre, Oppland, Norway
Parent range Rondane
Topo map 1718 I Rondane

Veslesmeden is a mountain in the Rondane mountain range, in the western part of Rondane often called Smiubelgen.

The mountain is easily hiked from the cabin Rondvassbu (DNT).

Experienced mountain hikers may scramble to Storsmeden from Veslesmeden.

The name[edit]

The meaning of the name is 'The little blacksmith'. (See also Storsmeden and Smiubelgen.)