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Vesper George School of Art

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Vesper George School of Art
44 Saint Botolph Street,
Boston, Massachusetts, 02116, U.S.
School typeart school
FounderVesper Lincoln George
Closed1983(1983-00-00) (aged 58–59)

The Vesper George School of Art was a school in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, founded in 1924 and closed in 1983.[1]


The school namesake and founder was Vesper Lincoln George [Wikidata] (1865–1934) a painter, born in Boston.[1][2][3] The campus had been located at 44 Saint Botolph Street in Boston, Massachusetts.[4]

For many years the school contributed to the Boston art community, training many talented artists, many of whom are still active in both commercial art and fine arts. In addition to training artists, it served to allow many artists to maintain a living as instructors while they were building their careers.


The school's alumni include:


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