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Vessyl was an intelligent drinking glass announced in June 2014 by Mark One, but never released. The cup was to have embedded sensors and the capability of linking to a smartphone to provide its user with nutritional and other data on the beverage in the cup.[1][2][3] The designers hoped to help users make better decisions about their health and overall consumption. The cup was expected to recharge on a proprietary base station, included in the product packaging. Industrial designer Yves Béhar and his design firm Fuseproject were involved in its creation.[4]

Originally, the device was expected to ship in "Early 2015". However, in March 2015, the manufacturer announced that the shipping date would slip to "Q4 2017".[5] once it has reached a satisfactory level of performance. As of 2018, Mark One, the company behind Vessyl, is no longer operating.[6]

Pryme Vessyl[edit]

With the announcement of a production delay to ensure the quality of the original Vessyl, the designers introduced a secondary product, Pryme Vessyl, released to the public in November 2015 and available to early supporters by means of a free opt-in program[7], orders which were in many cases not fulfilled.


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