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Vesta may refer to:

Fiction and mythology[edit]

Brands and products[edit]

  • Lada Vesta, a car from Russian car manufacturer AVTOVAZ
  • Swan Vesta (began 1883), a brand of matches
    • Vesta case, metal containers for matches (which were previously called vestas)



United States[edit]

Science and technology[edit]

  • 4 Vesta, second-largest asteroid in the Solar System, named after the Roman deity
  • Vesta family, group of asteroids that includes 4 Vesta
  • Vesta (Software configuration management) (developed 1993), advanced configuration management system released by Compaq
  • Vestas (founded 1945), Danish manufacturer of wind turbines
  • The Vesta parallel file system, a precursor of IBM's GPFS

Other uses[edit]

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