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Vestbanen logo.png
Train owned by the company, going along the railway

Vestbanen A/S, also known as Varde-Nørre Nebel Jernbane (VNJ), is a Danish railway company. Formerly owned by Ribe County (until the Danish Municipal Reform of 2007), the company leased its trains and infrastructure to Arriva, which operates Vestbanen's railway line between Varde and Nørre Nebel since 2002. Established in 1903, the company was originally headquartered in Varde, but is now administered from the county's offices in Ribe. The company is wholly owned by the Region of Southern Denmark.

The Varde–Nørre Nebel railway line (also called Vestbanen, literally meaning "the West Line") is 37 kilometres (23 mi) long and was opened for traffic in 1903. It has standard gauge and is not electrified.

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