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Vestfjord is located in Greenland
Location in Greenland
Coordinates70°30′N 28°45′W / 70.500°N 28.750°W / 70.500; -28.750Coordinates: 70°30′N 28°45′W / 70.500°N 28.750°W / 70.500; -28.750
Ocean/sea sourcesScoresby Sound
Greenland Sea
Basin countriesGreenland
Max. length50 km (31 mi)
Max. width6.4 km (4.0 mi)

Vestfjord, meaning 'West Fjord' in the Danish language, is a fjord in King Christian X Land, eastern Greenland. This fjord is part of the Scoresby Sound system[1] in the area of Sermersooq municipality.


Two large glacier branches flow into the head of the Vestfjord at the fjord's western end and a nunatak reaching a height of 2,468 m (8,097 ft) rises between the two glaciers. This tributary fjord extends between high mountains for about 50 km (31 mi) in a west-east direction until its mouth in the confluence of the Rode Fjord (Røde Fjord) and the Fonfjord (Fønfjord) opposite the western end of Milne Land.[2]

Geologically this fjord is part of the Vestfjord-Hinksland gneiss and schist zone crystalline complex.[3][4]

Map of NE Greenland and Iceland

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