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Housing units at the VTC

The Veterans Transition Center (VTC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) rehabilitation center and shelter for veterans, founded in 1998, in Monterey County, California. The VTC is located at the site of the former Fort Ord near Marina, California.[1][2] While the program is funded partly by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and United States Department of Veterans Affairs, it largely relies on donations from the public.[3] The VTC seeks a holistic approach to helping homeless veterans that includes community service, life skills classes, sobriety requirements, counseling, and transitional housing. According to the U.S. Army Monterey Presidio Public Affairs bureau:

In general, the mission of the Veterans Transition Center is to provide services for Monterey County's homeless veterans and their families... by providing veterans with transitional housing, emergency services and case-management programs, veterans will once again become employable and productive members of the community.


Currently, the center is looking forward to add a vocational rehabilitation program and more housing units. The vocational rehabilitation program is to include a non-profit store with the express purpose of hiring the most veterans possible while the additional housing units will increase the center's capacity for veterans to rehabilitate.[5] Since its inception, the VTC has served 4,155 single veterans and 351 veterans with families. According to the center:

An estimated 80% of veterans who graduated from the VTC program transitioned into permanent housing for at least one year while 92% of who were in the program for 1 year maintained sobriety. At the time of graduation, 87% of veterans had $700 or more in savings and 75% were employed with a mean wage greater than $9.00 per hour. Among families, 100% of school aged children attended school, 80% of children pursued an after-school hobby, and 100% of all veterans with families enrolled in healthy families insurance.

Starting in June 2011, work has begun on two previously abandoned buildings that are to become a non-profit thrift store and reception center for arriving veterans.


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