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A veterinary specialist is a veterinarian who specializes in a clinical field of veterinary medicine.

"A veterinary specialist, as recognized by the AVMA, is a graduate veterinarian who has successfully completed the process of board certification in an AVMA-recognized veterinary specialty organization (ie, board or college). To become board certified, a veterinarian must have extensive post-graduate training and experience and a credential review and examinations set by the given specialty organization." [1]

Most specialties require a 1-year internship or 2 years of clinical practice prior to beginning a residency of 2–3 years' duration. Most specialties require the resident to produce some academic contribution (often in the form of a scientific publication) in order to qualify to sit the certifying examination. Admission or entry into a Veterinary Specialization is quite competitive in the United States and Canada. A general practice veterinarian needs to attend 1 year of clinical internship or 2 years of clinical experience at animal hospital and additionally needs strong research work or publication in that particular field. A Veterinary Specialist may be consulted when an animal’s condition requires specialized care above and beyond that which a regular veterinarian can offer. Many Veterinary Specialists require a referral in order to be seen. After treatment, a Veterinary Specialist may stay in close contact with the referring veterinarian to provide ongoing treatment suggestions and advice. Veterinary specialists may earn 2-3 times more than general practicing veterinarians.


American Veterinary Medical Association[edit]

The American Veterinary Medical Association recognizes the following 21 veterinary specialty organizations:

Proposed Specialty Organizations

European Board of Veterinary Specialisation[edit]

The European Board of Veterinary Specialisation recognizes the following 23 veterinary specialty organizations:

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