Vetri Kodi Kattu

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Vetri Kodu Kattu
Vetri Kodi Kattu DVD Cover.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Cheran
Produced by Shivashakti Pandian
Written by Cheran
Starring Murali
Anand Raj
Music by Deva
Cinematography Thangar bachan
Edited by B. Lenin
V. T. Vijayan
Shivashakti Movie Makers
Distributed by Shivashakti Movie Makers
Release dates
  • 30 June 2000 (2000-06-30)
Running time
168 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Vetri Kodu Kattu (English: Raise the flag of victory) is a Tamil film directed by Cheran starring Murali, Parthiban, Meena, Manorama and Malavika


Sekar (Murali) lives in a village near Tenkasi along with his mother Deivanai (Manorama) and two sisters. Drought hits their village and agriculture does not prove to be profitable which prompts Sekar to seek out an opportunity to leave to Dubai for work. He sells a portion of his land and gives Rs.1 Lakh to Anandaraj who manages a firm involved in arranging work visas to people and enabling them to commute to Dubai.

Muthuraman @ Muthu (Parthiban) lives in a village near Coimbatore and works for a landlord Vijayakumar. Muthu falls in love with his landlord’s daughter Valli (Meena) and the couple get married without the consent of Vijayakumar. Valli challenges her father that she will lead a good life with Muthu. To earn money, Muthu also enrols with Anandaraj’s firm to go to Dubai. Anandaraj takes all the persons enrolled with him to Chennai and the flight is scheduled on the next day. But to everyone’s shock, Anandaraj runs away with the corpus fund collected on the same night. Police informs that Anandaraj is a fraud involved in money looting.

Everyone leaves the place with much disappointment except Sekar and Muthu as they are scared much thinking of the consequences to their family if they get to know about the loss of money. Sekar and Muthu get to know about each other’s family situation and come up with a plan. Sekar goes to Muthu’s home while Muthu goes to Sekar’s home. Sekar introduces himself as the friend of Muthu and has returned from Dubai. Similarly Muthu introduces to Sekar’s family as friend of Sekar from Dubai.

Muthu understands that the soil in Sekar’s land is not fit for agriculture and decides to buy a couple of cows with the help of Sudalai (Vadivelu) and starts milk business. Meanwhile Sekar starts a small hotel business as Valli cooks very well. Muthu’s sister Amudha (Malavika) falls in love with Sekar but Sekar does not reciprocate thinking it would be betraying the trust of Muthu. Both the family situations improve and Valli feels proud that she has won the challenge against her father. Also Valli gets pregnant.

Valli gets furious knowing about Amudha’s love towards Sekar and asks Sekar to leave the home. Sekar stays in a place opposite to Valli’s home. That night, Valli gets labour pain and Sekar admits Valli in a hospital and also informs Muthu about the situation and asks him to come immediately. Deivaanai overhears Muthu’s telephone conversation with Sekar and understands that her son is not in Dubai as believed by everyone. Muthu apologizes to Deivaanai and everyone leaves to Muthu’s village to visit Valli where she gives birth to a baby. Everyone comes to know about Muthu and Sekar’s plans and they feel proud about their sacrifice for the well-being of their family members.

Pazhani (Charle), who is also cheated by Anandaraj finds him in Coimbatore and informs Muthu and Sekar. Now Muthu and Sekar rush to place and beat Anandaraj and his men for looting the hard earned money from the poor. Anandaraj is handed over to the police and police assures everyone that the money lost will be recovered. Meanwhile Muthu and Sekar realize that there are plenty of opportunities available in India to earn money and instead there is no need to leave to another country to make money leaving all the relatives and family members back here. Also Muthu and Valli agree to get Amudha married to Sekar.



The film won the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues in 2000.

Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Film (Third prize) in 2000.


Vetri Kodi Kattu
Soundtrack album by Deva
Released 2000
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Label The Best Audio
Producer Deva

The soundtrack features five songs which is composed by Deva. 'Karupputhan Enakku' was a huge hit that time.


This film was Cheran's third and last combo with Murali and second with Parthiban. Thangar bachan was replaced by Priyan as cinematographer. The shooting for the film was held at places like Gopichettypalayam, Dindugal and Palani among other places.[1]


Indolink wrote:"Vetrikkodi Kattu is your average, predictable, clean, and reasonably engaging tamil movie fare".[2] Chennaionline wrote:"'Vettrikkodi Kattu' is a well-intentioned film and fairly entertaining too. It may not be as neatly scripted and as good as Cheran's first two films. But it proves that he is on the right track".[3] Subash of wrote, "Wonderful story, JUST DON'T PREACH SO MUCH, Cheran."[4]


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