Vettam Mani

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Vettam Mani
Born(1921-08-27)August 27, 1921
Puthuppally, Kottayam, Kerala, India
DiedMay 29, 1987(1987-05-29) (aged 65)
OccupationScholar, Writer, Teacher
GenreEncyclopedia, Purana
SpouseAnnamma Mani

Vettam Mani or Vettom Mani (August 27, 1921 – May 29, 1987) was an eminent scholar and writer. His most famous work is the Purāņic Encyclopedia, which is a monumental and exhaustive study of Indian Puranas, epics and allied literature of Hinduism. The author himself referred to the book as a comprehensive dictionary with special reference to the epic and Purāņic literature.


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