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Vevring herad
Vevring church
Vevring church
Vevring herad is located in Sogn og Fjordane
Vevring herad
Vevring herad
Location in Sogn og Fjordane county
Coordinates: 61°29′29″N 05°23′44″E / 61.49139°N 5.39556°E / 61.49139; 5.39556Coordinates: 61°29′29″N 05°23′44″E / 61.49139°N 5.39556°E / 61.49139; 5.39556
RegionWestern Norway
CountySogn og Fjordane
Municipality IDNO-1434
Admin. CenterIndrevevring
 • Total120 km2 (50 sq mi)
 • Total143
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)
Created asFormannskapsdistrikt in 1838
Merged intoFlora, Askvoll, and Naustdal in 1964

Vevring is a former municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The municipality existed from 1838 until its dissolution in 1964. It encompassed the land surrounding the western part of the Førdefjorden on both the north and south shores of the fjord. It stretched from the Ålasundet strait (the narrowest part of the fjord) in the east to the mouth of the fjord in the west and from the Steindalen valley in the north to the mountains south of the fjord. The municipality was 120 square kilometres (46 sq mi) in 1964 when it was dissolved.

The administrative centre of the municipality was the village of Indrevevring (on the north shore of the fjord), where the Vevring Church is located. The village of Kvammen, across the fjord from Indrevevring was the main village on the south side of the fjord.


The municipality was named after the old Vevring farm (Old Norse: Wæfring), since Vevring Church is located there. The farm was named after a stream that flowed past it. The name of the stream comes from the Old Norse word vafra which means to "go here and there", which describes the path of the stream.[1][2]


The parish of Vevring was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). On 1 January 1964, the municipality was dissolved and split between three surrounding municipalities. The Steindal valley (population: 25) in the north was incorporated into the new municipality of Flora; the area south of the Førdefjorden was incorporated into Askvoll Municipality. The rest of Vevring (north of the Førdefjorden), with 439 inhabitants, became a part of Naustdal Municipality.[3]


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