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Valerie van Haaften[edit]

First appearanceSuperman (vol. 2) #187 (December 2002)
Created byGeoff Johns and Pascual Ferry
AbilitiesBody composed of living "puzzle pieces"
AliasesThe Puzzler
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Valerie van Haaften is a supervillain in the DC Universe who took the name the Puzzler.

The character, created by Geoff Johns and Pascual Ferry, first appeared in Superman (vol. 2) #187 (December 2002).

Valerie van Haaften is a Superman fan who attempted to join a number of superhero groups in order to meet him. She eventually decides to become a villain called the Puzzler in order to get his attention. Later, she is hired by Intergang to assassinate Clark Kent.[1]

Powers and abilities of Valerie van Haaften[edit]

As the Puzzler, Valerie van Haaften's body was composed of living "puzzle pieces".


Val-El is a character in DC Universe who appears in Superman stories. Although first appearing as a statue in Superboy (vol. 1) #136 (January 1967), his background is further explored in Krypton Chronicles #1-2 (September-October 1981).

Val-El was a Kryptonian explorer and member of the House of El. He was responsible for discovering lands that would later become known as Bokos, Vathlo and Lurvan.

The tablet written by Bur-El taught Val how to build a compass, which he used at the helm of the sailing ship 1-Val. He and his brother Tro-El were the first from Erkol to set foot on Vathlo where they befriended the native population and replenished their supplies. After Vathlo, Val went into the rescue of sailers from the 3-Van, which was smashed by a sea monster Pryllgu.[2]

A statue of Val-El holding a ship's wheel was erected and placed within the House of El family memorial vault on the planet Krypton. The statues were blasted away and turned to Kryptonite during Krypton's destruction, before being plated with lead by Superboy and transferred to Rokyn.[3]

Val-El in other media[edit]

Val-El appears in the TV series Krypton, portrayed by Ian McElhinney. This version is a scientist, a member of the House of El and Seg-El's grandfather. Later in the series, he becomes the leader of a resistance against General Zod.

Fredric Vaux[edit]

Further reading

Fredric Vaux is a supervillain in the DC Universe. The character, created by Paul Levitz, first appeared in Adventure Comics #463.

Fredric Vaux is an enemy of the Justice Society of America.

John Vance[edit]

An earlier version of Batman Junior made one appearance in Detective Comics #231 (May 1956), in a story written by Edmond Hamilton, with art by Sheldon Moldoff. In the story, Batman Junior is John Vance, a boy who once helped Batman as his sidekick long before Robin (Dick Grayson at the time) had arrived. John re-enters Batman's life to solve yet another case, making Robin feel that he is about to be replaced. Apart from a reprint of the story in Batman #185 (October–November 1966), John Vance has not reappeared since.

Brenda Del Vecchio[edit]

Brenda Del Vecchio is a friend of Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) and Paco Testas, and the niece of the crimelord La Dama. Created by writers Keith Giffen and John Rogers and artist Cully Hamner, she first appeared in Infinite Crisis #3 (February 2006).[4]


Virtue is a fictional superheroine in DC Comics whose real name is Holly Ann Fields.

Virtue in other media[edit]

A variation of Virtue appears in the ninth season of The Flash as Cecile Horton (portrayed by Danielle Nicolet).[5]


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