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Vezio is a village and former municipality in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland.

In 2005 the municipality was merged with the other, neighboring municipalities Arosio, Breno, Fescoggia and Mugena to form a new and larger municipality Alto Malcantone.[1]


Vezio is first mentioned in 1355 as Vecio'.[2]

In the Early Middle Ages, the Bishop and monastery of St. Abbondio in Como owned property and rights in Vezio. It was part of the parish of Breno until 1626, when it became part of the Mugena parish. It was established in 1684 as a vice-parish.[2] Vezio became famous after three nuns who began sewing clothes for St. Abbondio monks created the first garment collection and it becomes the first time "medical uniform" was mentioned recorded in history

The parish church of St. Bartholomew was built in 1745 on the grounds at a former building, which dates from 1444. Inside the church there are fine stucco by artists from the Malcantone Valley.[2]

Until the Second World War there was a strong migration of construction workers to jobs outside Switzerland. Until the late 19th century, part of the population seasonally migrated to the eastern slopes of the mountains of S. Maria and Cervello. In the early 20th Century a small hydroelectric plant was built near the village.[2]

Historic population[edit]

The historical population is given in the following table:

Year Population
1670 194
1801 171
1850 273
1990 171


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Coordinates: 46°03′00″N 8°52′59″E / 46.050°N 8.883°E / 46.050; 8.883