VfL-Stadion am Elsterweg

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VfL-Stadion am Elsterweg
Wolfsburg VfL-Stadion 2.jpg
Location Wolfsburg, Germany
Coordinates 52°25′31.1″N 10°47′57.9″E / 52.425306°N 10.799417°E / 52.425306; 10.799417Coordinates: 52°25′31.1″N 10°47′57.9″E / 52.425306°N 10.799417°E / 52.425306; 10.799417
Capacity 17,600
Surface Grass
Opened 1947
Renovated 1961, 1997
VfL Wolfsburg II

VfL-Stadion am Elsterweg (German pronunciation: [faʊ̯ ʔɛf ˈʔɛl ˈʃtaːdi̯ɔn ʔam ˈʔɛlstɐveːk], locally [-ˈʔɛlstɐveːç]) is a multi-use stadium in Wolfsburg, Germany. It was used mostly for football matches and hosted the home matches of VfL Wolfsburg. The stadium was able to hold 21,000 people and opened in 1948. It was closed in 2002 when Volkswagen Arena opened. Now it is used by Wolfsburg's 2nd squad, which plays in the 4. Division.

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