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Vi-Co was a brand of chocolate milk manufactured by the company Dairy Producers. When Dairy Producers were bought out by Dairyland in 1995, the Vi-Co line was abolished. It was available in Saskatchewan, Canada, a few parts of Manitoba and Quebec. Laiterie Royala in Beauce, Quebec still uses the name Vico for one of their chocolate milk products.

The term 'Vi-Co' is still occasionally used today in Saskatchewan and Quebec as a slang term for any chocolate milk. It is a notable regional attribute for both provinces and is frequently cited as a defining feature of Saskatchewan's folk history.[1]

An alcoholic beverage, a variation of the White Russian, was made with vodka, ice, and Vi-Co, and known as the "Psycho Vi-Co".

Vico Malaysia[edit]

Vico is a nutritious chocolate malt beverage produced by Maestro Swiss Management Services Sdn. Bhd. Vico has extensive range of chocolate malt drinks marketed in Malaysia.


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