Via Asinaria

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The Via Asinaria was an ancient Roman road starting at the Porta Asinaria in the Aurelian Wall. It could be accessed from the via Latina, and Belisarius diverged from the via Latina in his advance on Rome so that he would enter the city through the Porta Asinaria (Not. app.; Procop. BG I.14.14). It is also mentioned by Festus 282 "retricibus: aqua eo nomine quae est supra viam Ardeatinam inter lapidem secundum et tertium, qua inrigantur horti infra viam Ardeatinam et Asinariam usque ad Latinam", showing it must have run towards the via Appia and the via Ardeatina. Its course is debated, but probably the initial section of the modern Via Appia Nuova probably coincides with it (Bull. d. Inst. 1861, 72; RE II.1581; T. II.28‑33; PBS IV.42‑45). The via Tusculana splits off from it about 400 metres from the gate (PBS IV.51 sqq.).


This article contains text from Platner and Ashby's A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, a text now in the public domain.