Via Julia Augusta

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Via Giulia Augusta leading across the Pont Flavien in southern France

The Via Giulia Augusta is the name given to the Roman road formed by the merging of the Via Aemilia Scauri with the Via Postumia. The road runs from Placentia (modern Piacenza) to Arelates (modern Arles) through Derthona (Tortona), Vada Sabatia (Vado Ligure), Albingaunum (Albenga) and Album Intimilium (Ventimiglia).

It was begun in 13 BC by Augustus, and originally stopped at La Turbie with a triumphal arch; later it was extended to Arles where it joined the Via Domitia.

Roman bridges[edit]

For an overview of the location of Roman bridges, see List of Roman bridges.

There are the remains of a number Roman bridges along the road, including the Pont des Esclapes, Pont Flavien, Pontaccio, Ponte dell’Acqua, Ponte delle Fate, Ponte delle Voze, Ponte Lungo, Ponte sul Rio della Torre, Primo Ponte di Val Ponci, Quarto Ponte di Val Ponci and Pontetto.

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