Viacheslav Belavkin

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Viacheslav Belavkin
Born 20 May 1946
Died 27 November 2012(2012-11-27) (aged 66)
Citizenship UK
Fields Mathematics
Institutions University of Nottingham
Alma mater Moscow State University
Doctoral advisor Ruslan Stratonovich
Notable awards State Prize of the Russian Federation

Viacheslav Pavlovich Belavkin (20 May 1946 – 27 November 2012) was a professor in applied mathematics at the University of Nottingham. An active researcher, he was one of the pioneers of quantum probability. His research spanned areas such as quantum filtering, quantum information and quantum chaos.


He was born in Lwów, and graduated from Moscow State University in 1970 where his teachers include Evgeny Lifshitz, Victor Pavlovich Maslov, Andrey Kolmogorov and Ruslan L. Stratonovich. In the 1980s Belavkin held visiting professorship in the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies, and the Volterra Centre in Rome before taking up an appointment at Nottingham University in 1992. He was promoted to a Chair in Mathematical Physics in 1996.[1] He and Ruslan L. Stratonovich were awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation (formerly the Lenin Prize) for outstanding achievements in science and technology, in part due to his work on the measurement problem.[2][3] He is survived by his wife Nadezda Belavkin and son Roman Belavkin.[4]


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