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Viacom NEXT
Founded2015; 7 years ago (2015)
DefunctFebruary 2018 (2018-02)
ProductsAugmented reality/ Virtual reality

Viacom NEXT was Viacom's production studio focused on building immersive experiences, interactive music videos, narrative worlds, and video games. Based in New York, the studio employed developers and specialists with expertise in 3D modeling and animation, storytelling, and experience design.

Founded in 2015, they first collaborated with the New York City Media Lab (NYCML) on a VR fellowship exploring storytelling mechanisms afforded by virtual reality.[1]

In 2016, Viacom NEXT released their first brand project, "Open Your Eyes,” a free virtual reality art show for MTV's Elect This campaign. The project was met with great reception.[2]

Some of the artists, brands, creators, and universities Viacom NEXT has collaborated with include Billy Corgan,[3] Cabbibo, Daniel Bittman, Hot Sugar,[4] Isobar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Max Frost, MTV,[5] Paramount Home Media, and Tyler Hurd.[6]

Viacom NEXT was dissolved in February 2018 after a company-wide restructuring.[7]


The company's Virtual Reality music video "Chocolate" was selected to premiere in the New Frontier showcase at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and recognized by The Verge as a Best Interactive Virtual Reality runner-up.[8][9][10]

Their final project, Aeronaut VR, won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Digital Craft in 2018.[11]


Title Year Collaborators Type
Transformers: Cade's Junkyard 2017 Paramount Home Media Distribution AR
Aeronaut 2017 Billy Corgan, Isobar VR
ARQUA! 2017 Cabbibo AR
VMA Facebook Camera Effects 2017 MTV AR
Chocolate 2017 Tyler Hurd VR
The Melody of Dust 2017 Hot Sugar VR
Withdrawal 2017 Max Frost VR
Smash Party 2016 Titmouse VR
Open Your Eyes 2016 MTV VR


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