Viaducto de Montabliz

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Viaduct of Montabliz
Viaducto de Montabliz
Coordinates 43°06′13″N 4°05′22″W / 43.103739°N 4.089317°W / 43.103739; -4.089317Coordinates: 43°06′13″N 4°05′22″W / 43.103739°N 4.089317°W / 43.103739; -4.089317
Carries Cantabria-Plateau Highway
Crosses Valley of the Bisueña River
Locale Cantabria, Spain
Official name Viaducto de Montabliz
Design Concrete beam and steel
Total length 721 m (2,365 ft)[1][2]
Width 26.1 m (86 ft)
Height 150 m (490 ft)[2]
Longest span 175 m (574 ft)
No. of spans 5
Designer Apia XXI & Ferrovial
Opened January 31, 2008
Daily traffic 11,500 vehicles/day
Viaducto de Montabliz under construction.

The Viaducto de Montabliz (Viaduct of Montabliz) is a bridge located in the town of Montabliz, Cantabria, Spain.

It is known for being the highest bridge in Spain and the sixth in Europe, with 150 meters (490 ft) in height (highest part) over the river Bisueña.[1][2]

It was inaugurated on January 31, 2008 with an investment of 26 million euros, being the most expensive work of the entire motorway A-67.

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