Viana, Cape Verde

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Vulcao Viana (S Vicente, Cabo Verde).JPG
Monte Viana
Highest point
Elevation 163 m (535 ft)
Coordinates 16°49′33″N 24°52′33″W / 16.8257°N 24.8759°W / 16.8257; -24.8759Coordinates: 16°49′33″N 24°52′33″W / 16.8257°N 24.8759°W / 16.8257; -24.8759
Viana is located in Cape Verde
eastern São Vicente island, Cape Verde

Viana is a low volcano in the eastern part of the island of São Vicente, Cape Verde. Its elevation is 163 m. It is situated 3 km south of Calhau and 14 km southeast of the island capital Mindelo. To the north is the Calhau volcano. Surrounding geographical features include Topim and Selada da Baleia.

The Viana volcano shown on the bottom right of the map

The extinct volcano has a caldera that is around 150-200 meters long.

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