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Vibe at the 싸이월드 공감 페스티벌 032.jpg
Background information
Native name 바이브
Origin South Korea
Years active 2002 (2002)–present

YWHO Enterprise

The Vibe Entertainment
Associated acts 4Men, Jang Hye-jin
Past members
  • Yoo Sung Gyu

Vibe (바이브) is a South Korean R&B group. They released their first album in 2002 as a trio of two male singers (Yoon Min-soo and Ryu Jae-hyun) and a rapper (Yoo Sung Gyu). Their first single "미워도 다시 한번 (Although it is hateful, again)" was a success and a huge hit for the group making them very popular. Their second single "Promise U" was also very successful. Their 2nd album came out in November 2003 and their first single "오래 오래 (Long Long Time)" was a huge hit as was their second single "사진을 보다가 (While Looking at the Picture)". This cemented their status as a popular group and consistent hit makers. During the hiatus between their 2nd and 3rd albums, the rapper left the group citing that he wanted to pursue his own style of music, taking on the name Noblesse. Vibe went on to release their 3rd album in 2006 which became a success with their two hits "그 남자, 그 여자 (That Man, That Woman)" and "술이야 (Drinking)". Vibe release their 4th album and their title song was "다시 와주라" (Comeback Again). In 2011, Yoon Min-soo joins the cast of MBC I Am a Singer, and debut singing "그 남자, 그 여자 (That Man, That Woman)" and "술이야 (Drinking)", he obtains the 2nd place behind Insooni (인순이).


  • Ryu Jae-hyun (류재현), born March 14, 1980.
  • Yoon Min-soo (윤민수), born February 27, 1980.


  • Yoo Sung Gyu (유성규 better known as Noblesse), left the group in 2004.



Year Information Track list
2002 Afterglow
  • Released: March 5, 2002
Track list
  1. Vibe... We're Alive
  2. Promise U
  3. 미워도 다시 한번 (Love Me Once Again)
  4. Beach
  5. Bye
  6. 소망 (Desire)
  7. You're My Girl
  8. 끝이 아니기를... (Wishing It's Not the End)
  9. Give It 2 Me
  10. 왜 (Why)
  11. Money
  12. Back Swing
  13. V.I.C.T.O.R.Y
  14. Flying Away
  15. Vibe... Real Life
2003 Remember
  • Released: November 29, 2003
Track list
  1. Do U Remember
  2. 오래 오래 (Forever & ever)
  3. 하루에 시간이 주어진다면 (Hours a Day, If Given)
  4. Blue
  5. 멀리 (Far)
  6. 거짓말이죠 (I'd Be Lying)
  7. 여백 (Margins)
  8. 사진을 보다가 (Looking at the Picture)
  9. 1st Love
  10. 미워하죠 (Hates)
  11. My Everything
  12. 모르겠니 (Doesn't Know)
  13. 내가 너를 (Me You)
  14. 기적 (Miracle)
  15. Baby One More Time
  16. She is...
2006 Re-Feel
  • Released: March 1, 2006
Track list
  1. 한숨만 (Sigh)
  2. 그남자 그여자 (The Man the Woman) (ft. Jang Hye-jin)
  3. 어쩌면 (Maybe) (narr. Kim Heung-soo, Han Eun-jung)
  4. Re-Feel
  5. Brokenhearted (ft. J1 Of 4MEN)
  6. 가지말아요 (Don't Go) (ft. Jeon In-gwon)
  7. 술이야 (Drink Again)
  8. 정녕 (Truly)
  9. 권태기 (Period of Lassitude) (ft. Cho PD, Harim)
  10. Good Bye
  11. I'm Missing You
  12. 속도 모르고 (You Don't Know)
  13. 바래다 주는 길 (Way to Walk You Home)
  14. 우리가 다시 만난 날 (One Day We Will Meet Again)
2010 Vibe in Praha
  • Released: May 12, 2010
Track list
  1. Letter from Praha (류재현 작곡)
  2. 다시 와주라 (Please Come Back Again)
  3. 사연 part 1 (ft. DJ Toad Park)
  4. 별이 빛나는 밤에 (The Star Shines at Night)
  5. 좋은 오빠 동생으로만 (Good Brother)
  6. 옛사랑 (Old Love)
  7. 동거 (Living Together) (ft. Harim)
  8. 결혼했다고 (She is already Married)
  9. 돌아갔다 (Went Back)
  10. I miss you so much (feat. 4MEN)
  11. 너였으면 (Wish it was You) (ft. 美 of Dagsoul)
  12. 미친거니 (Going Crazy)
  13. 사연 part 2
  14. 소주 한잔 하자 친구야 (Let's Have a Drink)
  15. 숭례문 (Sungnyemun) (ft. Tenor Ha Seog-bae, Soprano Choe Hon-yeo, Park Sung-yeol, Park Sung-yeol's Father)
  16. Pray for glory
  17. My Star (ft. All Christian)
2013 Organic Sound
  • Released: May 15, 2013
Track list
  1. 이 나이 먹도록 (As I'm Getting Older)
  2. 꼭 한번 만나고 싶다 (For the Last Time)
  3. 그토록 믿었었던 그 여자가 시집가던 날 (The Day She Marries)
  4. 시집가서 잘 살지 그랬어 (Why Did You Come Back to me)
  5. 4U (ft. Im Se-jun)
  6. 밤새 (For the Whole Night)
  7. 압구정 4번 출구 (Apgujeong Station Exit 4) (ft. Lyn)
  8. 19세 미만은 이 노래를 듣지 마세요 (If Younger than 19, Don't Listen) (ft. M..
  9. 봄비 (Spring Rain)
  10. I Hate Mama
2014 Ritardando
  • Released: February 20, 2014
Track list
  1. 그때는 몰랐었던 일 (Things We Didn't Know Then)
  2. 해운대 (Haeundae) (ft. Kang Min-kyung Of Davichi)
  3. 마누라 (My Wife)
  4. 집사람 (My Love)
  5. 너무 아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을 (Love That is Painful is Not Love) (With Kim Kwang-seok)
  6. 하늘만큼 땅만큼 (Like Sky, Like Earth) (ft. Jeon Je-duk)
  7. 왜 모르시나요 (Why Not Now?) (ft. Ben)
  8. 아빠 마음을 (Father's Mind)
  9. 연습 (Prelude)
  10. 천국 (Heaven) (ft. Lee Young-hyun, Shin Yong-jae Of 4MEN, Im Se-jun, Wonji Of BELLA4)


  • 2002: "미워도 다시 한번" (Although it is hateful, again)
  • 2002: "Promise U"
  • 2003: "오래 오래" (Long Long Time)
  • 2003: "사진을 보다가" (While Looking at the Picture)
  • 2006: "그 남자, 그 여자" (That Man, That Woman) Feat. Jang Hye-jin (장혜진)
  • 2006: "술이야" (Drinking)
  • 2010: "다시 와주라" (Comeback Again)

The single "오래 오래" topped the KBS chart in January 2004. [1]

The 2006 single "그 남자, 그 여자" features female singer Jang Hye-jin (장혜진) and also topped the KBS chart for several weeks. [2]


Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Work Result
2004 Best R&B Video "As I'm Getting Older" (오래오래)[1] Nominated
2006 Song of the Year "That Man That Woman" (from Re Feel)[2][3] Nominated
Album of the Year Nominated
Best Music Video Nominated
Best R&B Performance Nominated
2010 Best Group Vocal Performance "Please Come Back Again"[4] Nominated


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