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Vibeke Windeløv (born December 22, 1950) is a Scandinavian film producer. She founded Refugees United in 2008[1] and served on numerous corporate boards, film festival juries and association committees. She produced the films of Lars von Trier for ten years.[2]

She served on the board of the European Film Academy 1998-2004,[3] on the Jury of the Venice Film Festival 2001, the Montreal Film Festival 2006, Sundance Film Festival 2009 and chaired of the juries of numerous festivals including the international film festival Vladivostok 2008, Ghent 2008 & Sevilla 2008.[4]

She is on the board of European Film Bond,[5] Filmstationen and the Danish Design Center.[6] She is appointed a member of the School Council at the Danish Academy of Fine Arts by the Minister of Culture.[7]

Awarded Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, France[8] She won the Prix Eurimages award in the European Film Awards, 2008.[9]

She has recently founded the production companies Windelov/Lassen Aps as well as Windelov/Lassen Interactive Aps together with producer Stinna Lassen.[10]

In 2014 she founded Good Company Films with Stinna Lassen, Ole Sandberg and Anni Fernandez.[11]

Selected filmography[edit]

(films produced by Vibeke Windeløv)

Year English Title Original Title Director Notes
2012 All You Need Is Love Susanne Bier
2009/10 Wallander Executive producer
2009 Mammoth Lukas Moodysson Executive producer
2006 The Boss of It All Direktøren for det hele Lars von Trier
2005 Manderlay Lars von Trier Main competition in Cannes
2003 The Five Obstructions De fem benspænd Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth Executive producer
2003 Dogville Lars von Trier Main competition in Cannes
2002 Open Hearts Elsker Dig For Evigt Susanne Bier
2000 Dancer in the Dark Lars von Trier Main competition in Cannes
1998 The Idiots Idioterne Lars von Trier Main competition in Cannes
1997 The Kingdom II Riget II Lars von Trier
1996 Breaking the Waves Lars von Trier Main competition in Cannes
1994 Family Matters Det Blir I Familien Susanne Bier
1989 Christian Gabriel Axel
1978 In My Life Honning Måne Bille August


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