Vibhutipura Lake

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Vibhutipura Lake in Bangalore, Karnataka, India is an example of how an organized encroachment activity can kill the naturally breathing lake.

This was a living waterbody but was dying due to general apathy and negligence. However, with the continued efforts from the people living around it, the lake has been successfully rejuvenated.

The famous Bangalore tank network was built at the time of Tipu Sultan to make the area self sustainable in water. There was a network of lakes, interconnected with channels built to ensure that water is stored for public use all the year round. All these tanks were interconnected so that no lake is flooded and all have some water.

Vibhuthipura Lake is also part of this network and one lake it was connected to is the Doddenakundi lak. About 8 years ago, it was a beautiful lake with clean water, migratory birds coming in and people even using it for fishing.

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