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Background information
Origin Uppsala, Sweden
Genres progressive psytrance, downtempo, ambient, Psybient
Years active 1998-2010
Labels Cloud 99
Members Rickard Berglöf
Robert Elster

Vibrasphere was a progressive psytrance music duo from Uppsala, Sweden.[1] Its founding members were Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster.[2]


Rickard was previously a member of early Goa group Subcouds and at around the same time Robert had started musical production on an Amiga. After meeting through Rickard's younger cousin, the pair decided to start studio recordings in June 1998 with the creation of Vibrasphere.

Robert decided to quit the group half a year after the release of their second album, Lime Structure, due to constant touring. Rickard continued both touring and studio recording. In 2005 Robert decided to rejoin the group, leaving Rickard still in charge of touring duties.

Current events[edit]

Their fourth album, Exploring the Tributaries (2007), took a few more leaps towards progressive, fading the barriers between trance and house music while also featuring dub, downbeat and ambient tracks.

In November 2010, Vibrasphere announced it was disbanding. The group's website stated "We are very sorry to inform you that we have decided to close down the Vibrasphere project. This is due to several reasons, but mainly we feel it is time to move on to other projects within the music. After all, 12 years is a very long time for any music project. We are very grateful to all the fans, promoters, labels, djs and other people that have supported us in the past 12 years."[3]


  • Echo (Spiral Trax) 2000
  • Lime Structure (Digital Structures) 2003
  • Archipelago (Digital Structures) 2006
  • Exploring the Tributaries (Tribal Vision) 2007
  • Lungs of Life (Tribal Vision) 2008
  • The Open Sphere (Psychic Deli Records) 1999
  • Nowhere (Transient Records) 1999
  • Mental Mountain (Spiral Trax) 2000
  • Airfield (Acid Casualties) 2001
  • Niño Loco (Dragonfly Records) 2002
  • Stereo Gun (Spiral Trax) 2003
  • Lime Remixes (Digital Structures) 2003
  • Archipelago (Digital Structures) 2006
  • Early Years (Tribal Vision Records) 2016
  • Selected downbeats Vol. 1 (Cloud 99 Music) 2006
  • Selected downbeats Vol. 2 (Cloud 99 Music) 2009


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