Vibrations (film)

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Directed by Michael Paseornek
Produced by John Dunning
Dan Lieberstein
André Link
Tami Lynn
Written by Michael Paseornek
Starring James Marshall
Christina Applegate
Faye Grant
Paige Turco
Scott Cohen
Bruce Altman
Steven Keats
Shane Butterworth
Dennis Ostermaier
Music by Bob Christianson
Cinematography Michael Slovis
Edited by Pamela Scott Arnold
Release dates
  • July 2, 1996 (1996-07-02)
Running time
104 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Vibrations is a 1996 film directed and written by Michael Paseornek. It is one of the first films to be released on DVD after the movie 'Twister', also from 1996.

Upon release Vibrations had initial success due to its gritty realism and uncompromising (and unconventional) character development. But Vibrations gained a loyal underground following and quickly became a cult classic, helping propel electronic music into the 21st century.

Vibrations follows the story of TJ Cray, an up and coming rock star in the making. On his way to the big city to audition for an A & R man and secure a record deal, his car is hit by a car load of drunks who then use heavy machinery to sever his hands. With his hands gone TJ falls out of the music business and becomes a homeless drunk with plastic hands. TJ Cray believes all is lost until one night he is awoken in the dirty warehouse he sleeps in by a pulsating rhythmic beat. There's an illegal rave party in the warehouse and TJ is found by Anamika, a computer artist, who takes him outside for fresh air. They become good friends after TJs plastic hands help him stop Anamika getting raped by knife wielding rave thugs. Anamika introduces TJ to her friends, including Geek, who replace TJs plastic hands with metal robot piano playing hands. Eventually TJ has a metallic cyber suit made for him and he pioneers electronic music, becoming an overnight sensation known as Cyberstorm.


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