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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Iron Man #186 (Sep 1984)
Created by Denny O'Neil and Luke McDonnell
In-story information
Alter ego Alton Francis Vibreaux
Team affiliations Mandarin's Minions

Vibro is a fictional character, a supervillain in Marvel Comics.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Alton Vibreaux was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Working as a seismologist and engineer, he fell into the San Andreas Fault during the test of his experimental apparatus, giving him superhuman powers. He sought vengeance on his employer Franklin Fortney, and battled James Rhodes as the second Iron Man.[1] He battled Rhodes again, but was defeated by Tony Stark wearing the original Iron Man armor.[2] Alongside the Griffin, he attempted an escape from the Vault, and encountered the Falcon and Nomad.[3] Vibro caused a massive earthquake in Los Angeles, and battled the Avengers West Coast,[4] and later battled the original Iron Man again.[5]

Vibro was killed and resurrected by the Hand and joined an assault on the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier which resulted in its destruction.[6]

Vibro is later recruited by Mandarin and Zeke Stane to join Iron Man's other enemies in a plot to defeat Iron Man.[7]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Vibro gained superhuman powers when his nuclear-powered seismic energy absorption apparatus was grafted to his body; this apparatus has been transformed into a vibrational energy generator. Vibro has the ability to generate high-level seismic vibrations and fire them from his hands as vibratory or concussive force, causing shockwaves, opening chasms, and/or generating earthquakes. He can harness the energy of his vibratory force emissions for flight at subsonic speeds, and he has the ability to generate shields of vibratory force around himself. Vibro is immune to the effects of his own powers.

Vibro is mentally unstable due to the traumatic accident that gave him his powers; he also suffered acute facial disfigurement and scalp damage. His powers decrease in magnitude as his distance from the San Andreas Fault increases.

Vibro wears body armor of an unknown composition and synthetic stretch fabric.

Anton Vibreaux has a Ph.D. in geological engineering.


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